After 2 years and a half, I am glad to announce that ooSoft is now part of the Spinologics world!

Stefan Parent (left) and Éric Gaudreau (right)

Indeed, today, Spinologics has acquired ooSoft as its new subsidiary. It’s a great honor to work with such a team of professionals, which corporate culture really seduced me from the very beginning and I am proud to be part of the family.

Many thanks to the people that made it come true:

  • Julien Clin and the Spinologics FEA team (Franck Le Navéaux, Bahe Hachem and David Benoît) for bringing me in the picture,
  • Éric Gaudreau, who actually made it happen ,
  • Stefan Parent, Jean-Marc Mac Thiong and Hubert Labelle, from the Spinologics board for their trust,
  • the Spino Modulation team, with which I look forward to work closer.

It is an important announcement, with no actual changes, since ooSoft will keep on existing and working on democratizing numerical simulation as usual, with adding a specific interest in everything that deals with the human body interactions with other devices such as medical implants or sports equipment.