Our mission is to help designers and engineers improve their use of simulation.

Virtual Prototyping  – better known as Numerical Simulation – has been  commonly used throughout the industry for nearly half a century:

  • Once limited to either structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or Computational Fluid Dynamics, now simulation can be made at a system level with multi-physics coupling.
  • Besides, a new era has already started with real-time simulations: the future of simulation is NOW!

Whatever the chosen path, simulation must remain a TOOL: it is not a goal!

We do not pretend doing your job better than you, just make it easier: we are not industry specialists, but software experts.

At ooSoft, our strength is to understand the industrys constraints and needs  to be able to taylor off-the-shelf softwares to reduce time and pain in setting up analyses faster. The goal is to let people focus on engineering products rather than engineering simulations.

Thinking Out Of the box Soft to democratize simulation is our motto!