Two new Apps on the App store

The ANSYS R19 release has been out for nearly six months now, but the R19 App store has been opened for a couple of weeks only. We were waiting for it to be able to post two new apps developed with SimuTechGroup. 

(click on the picture to go directly to the App store to download them)

Tangential Varying Pressure: in Mechanical the standard Pressure load enables the user to add a pressure that varies along one direction, but not when it is a tangential pressure.

That’s the reason of creating such a feature with ACT.

Time Dependent Hydrostatic Pressure: the standard Mechanical Hydrostatic Pressure does not permit any variation in time of its value. But you may have to consider free surface level variation when simulating:

  • changes in the level of a tide against a structure,
  • rise or fall of water level in a tank or against the face of a dam

So was this feature creating with ACT.

Common Point: ACT Load Visualization

These two objects create a varying pressure, and we took advantage of the ability to visualize this variation before solve happens (which is better for sanity check).

Moreover, values will be changed automatically :

  • if unit system is changed
  • if current time value is changed in the Analysis Settings Graph panel  (for the Hydrostatic Pressure)
Hydrostatic Pressure @ time 0.5s
Change Time
Hydrostatic Pressure @ time 2s

A future post will be dedicated to explain how we managed to do that

PS: By the way, the R19.1 is now available on the ANSYS Customer Portal.

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