After 2 years and a half, I am glad to announce that ooSoft is now part of the Spinologics world!

Stefan Parent (left) and Éric Gaudreau (right)

Indeed, today, Spinologics has acquired ooSoft as its new subsidiary. It’s a great honor to work with such a team of professionals, which corporate culture really seduced me from the very beginning and I am proud to be part of the family.

Many thanks to the people that made it come true:

  • Julien Clin and the Spinologics FEA team (Franck Le Navéaux, Bahe Hachem and David Benoît) for bringing me in the picture,
  • Éric Gaudreau, who actually made it happen ,
  • Stefan Parent, Jean-Marc Mac Thiong and Hubert Labelle, from the Spinologics board for their trust,
  • the Spino Modulation team, with which I look forward to work closer.

It is an important announcement, with no actual changes, since ooSoft will keep on existing and working on democratizing numerical simulation as usual, with adding a specific interest in everything that deals with the human body interactions with other devices such as medical implants or sports equipment.

6 Apps on the ANSYS AppStore

It’s been a while since the new AppStore is out and you can now check out all the extensions that we have developed for SimuTech, which are – in order of appearance:

  • Reaction Forces (we already spoke about it in our first post): it is now available for release R19.x
  • Heat Balance: the equivalent of Reaction Forces extension but for the Thermal world: it populates a formatted Excel file with calculating the heat transfer coming from the load conditions and going out through the boundary conditions for every load step of your thermal analysis.
  • Tangential Varying Pressure and Time Dependent Hydrostatic Pressure, which were discussed in a previous post as well.
  • Inertial Cones: an interesting feature to visualize the inertial properties of a FEA model – especially useful when the structure has some beams, trusses, plates and/or mass points. This app contains source code as well, so that you can learn to manage graphical objects from it.
  • Advanced Springs: the newest one, which enables you to create 1D longitudinal or torsional spring using COMBIN14 elelements. (standard spring in Mechanical are acting in 3D: with those one you can specify in which direction the spring stiffness is acting, and thus define different stiffnesses in the three directions.

Feel free to test them out and let us know what you think about them.